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About Fikropedia

 A Saudi company registered in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, based in Yanbu city, Saudi Arabia.
"FIKROPEDIA" is a combination of two languages: "Encyclopedia of Ideas".
In "FIKROPEDIA" we help our clients with the best innovative solutions solving obstacles of development in our region.
We claim to be the trusted provider of services & solutions to the most complex problems facing our customers, and we insist to success to transform these solutions into reality in the market, we will not stop until we achieve the objectives of our customers, which are therefore our successes


Vision And Mission


To be the most trusted consulting firm in Saudi Arabia by 2022


Empowering the best Saudi talent for community development and a deeper understanding of the client and the local market



the core of human and social relations


At FIKROPEDIA we care to participate a lot, sharing business opportunities, relationships and information, to have a stimulating work environment


Is to be the first choice for our customers when they seek advice, our reputation is our capital and we apply strict measures to maintain it, we keep the our customer information confidential under all circumstances


It is our strongest competitive advantage to prove that you can rely on FIKROPEDIA as a Think-tank along with social relations


Our Success Partners

We invest to analyze the root causes of the problem faced by our customers, and we look for the best global solutions and then redrafted in line with the culture of the Saudi market in particular and the Gulf in general We use the most innovative techniques and tools to reach ideas and information. We work with everyone, anywhere, anytime. because we are passionate about success. In addition to our professional experience in the local market and our strategic relations and to provide integrated solutions in the best way, "FIKROPEDIA" cooperates with semi-governmental Chinese business and trade organizations such as
• Economic and Trade counselor Alliance in Beijing, China

Our Services

Our services are directed to the government and private sectors, investors and entrepreneurs, to cooperate and provide our consultants, some of current assignment are:

Supply of industrial and commercial products

Architectural development consulting with innovative concepts

Qualifying national companies to enter into joint venture

Media Consulting & Production

Website, Mobile App development and e-commerce applications

How We Work

Diagnosis stage

We start by listening and gathering as much information as possible to analyze the existing problem or goal that the client wants to achieve

Survey the market and explore information & facts

As a consultant, we are always looking at the problem from the perspective of the big picture and the client's connection to it, to analyze the situation and create sustainable solutions

Proposing and testing solutions

We work with our customers in a team that strives to achieve one goal at a time. At this stage, we propose the solutions to the client and test their feasibility and impact by making the required measurements and KPI’s before and after the consultation

Implementation of the best solution

We are working with our clients through change management and support during implementation phase

Follow-up and continuous improvement

As a service package and to maximize the benefits, the consultation does not stop at this limit. In "FIKROPEDIA" we prefer the concept of continuous simple improvement according to Kaizen Japanese theory of continuous improvement. Also we follow the methods of reengineering the administrative processes to develop the radical transformation of the work procedures with well-usage of available resources

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